East Lane Little League firmly believes that each child who wishes to play baseball or softball should be entitled to do so regardless of skill, gender, or financial circumstances.

Our league will not deny any child a chance to play due to a financial hardship.

Scholarship Program

To aid parents who may need assistance with registration fees, East Lane Little League has a comprehensive scholarship program that covers the following areas:

  • Full scholarships that cover all registration fees
  • Partial scholarships that cover a portion of the registration fees

Scholarship Eligibility Requirements

Those seeking a scholarship must fill out and return a written scholarship request form.  Specifically, to be eligible for a scholarship, the following information must be provided to East Lane Little League:

  • An explanation of the financial hardship.
  • East Lane Little League registration form containing all of the player's information
  • (medical, address, etc)
  • Proof of residency - indicating that the player(s) reside(s) within the East Lane Little League boundary
  • Proof of age - indicating that the player(s) meet(s) Little League requirements in order to play in East Lane Little League

What Every Parent and/or Guardian Should Know About the Scholarship Process

Before submitting the scholarship request form to East Lane Little League, parents and/or guardians should understand the following:

  • The scholarship eligibility requirements
  • The scholarship review period turnaround time (up to 14 days)
  • Forms need to be completely filled out (detailed instructions are included with the form)
  • Contact East Lane Little League with questions

How to Apply for a Scholarship

The scholarship request process is very straightforward. To ensure proper due diligence, every scholarship request is examined and assessed on its own merit.

  1. Completely fill in all fields of the scholarship form, if information is left off the form may be sent back for additional information
  2. Submit scholarship form by email, eastlanelittleleague@yahoo.com or by mail
    • East Lane Little League
      5729 Main Street, #355
      Springfield, OR 97478
  3. Once the scholarship has been received, the East Lane Little League Scholarship Committee will review the request
  4. The Scholarship Review Period can take up to 14 days to complete
    • Within 7 days: The Scholarship Committee will respond
      indicating the scholarship has been received, ask questions, and/or ask for additional documentation
    • Within 14 days: The Scholarship Committee will respond via email with a decision on the scholarship request

2018 Player Scholarship Request Form

Terms & Conditions

If the scholarship request is approved, the following terms and conditions will apply:
The scholarship covers the registration fees only for one season in all or in part. The scholarship does not cover player equipment or uniform accessories such as socks, pants, or belts.

The player must meet all residence and proof of age requirements (all required documents must be verified either on certification day or prior to the skills evaluations - refer to the League Calendar for dates)

An online registration must be completed for the player - providing essential details including address, contact information, media and medical authorization

Frequently Asked Questions

This section contains answers to some of the more frequently asked questions.

Is the information I provide you kept confidential? If so, how?
Absolutely. All information supplied and access to it is limited to the small Scholarship Review Committee (the League President, Secretary, and Treasurer). The information is not shared. 

Why was the scholarship program established?
The scholarship program was established to assist families of baseball and/or softball players with financial hardships. For players that meet the eligibility requirements, registration fees for the season in question are paid fully or partially by East Lane Little League. 

Once granted, is the scholarship permanent? In other words, is it renewed every year automatically?
Scholarships are neither permanent or automatically renewed every year. Scholarships expire at the end of each season. Requests for scholarships must be made in each season. Applications must meet the scholarship eligibility requirements

Is there a limit on the number of children in my family that I can request a scholarship for?
No. In financial hardship cases, a scholarship may be requested for each child in your family that wants to play baseball or softball. The Scholarship Committee will examine the needs and make a decision on the scope (full or partial) of the scholarship award(s).

If I asked for and was granted a scholarship this year, is my family eligible for scholarships in the future?
If you have been given a scholarship in the past or present, that does not prevent future scholarship requests. The circumstances (financial hardships, etc) noted in the request are evaluated with every request (re-evaluated if it is a repeated request). The scholarship eligibility requirements still must be satisfied in all cases. 

Is my son or daughter guaranteed a full scholarship?
All scholarships are judged on their own merit. Depending on the circumstances, the scholarship award may be full or it may be partial. The Scholarship Committee will make that determination. 

What does the scholarship cover?
Registration fees for baseball softball and/or tee-ball only

Who do I contact if I have questions?
Contact the East Lane Little League with questions. 

How long does the review period take?
Up to 14 days. In most cases, the Scholarship Review Committee may complete its review in less than 7 days.

Registration is Now Open Jan 1st to Feb 28th
East Lane Little League
5729 Main St #355
Springfield OR 97478


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