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Player Eligibility is based on Baseball and Softball League Age:

Use this calculator to find a player's League Age

To see the cost of play look at our Divisions of Play page

Other Required Registration forms:

In order to fully register your child we will need to see a Birth Certificate and three Proofs of Residency showing your address within our boundaries dated between Feb 2017 and Feb 2018.  Please also be prepared to show the Original Birth Certificate when requested.

Did You Know:
  • Uploading the Birth Certificate and Residency Proofs now will make qualifying for All-Stars much simpler when that time comes.
  • Once the District has confirmed the Player's Birth Certificate, it is in their database and you will not need to show it again during the player's Little League Career.  Player's that have played Little League All-Stars will already be confirmed by the District.

Official Little League Birth Certificates / Proof of Age Policy

Official Little League Proof of Residency Policy
Registration is Now Open Jan 1st to Feb 28th
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