At least three different documents with your current address. (Documents referencing a PO Box must include a reference to a Street Address.) Authorized Proof of Residence documents may include a combination of three of any of the following, but not more than one document from each category.  FOR EASE, we are requesting it be kept simple - with the showing of:
            (1) a Current Driver's License
            (2) a Vehicle Registration
            (3) a Utility bill less than 6 months old or Insurance Document (with the address shown)
                  All three documents must show the same address as will be noted on the registration form, providing the league with proof the child resides within the legal boundaries of THEIR league.

The complete list of eligible "proof of residence" documents includes the following.  ONLY ONE DOCUMENT FROM EACH (GROUP) is allowed.  (2 drivers licenses = 1 proof of residence from group #1; a cell phone bill and a home phone bill = 1 proof of residence from group # 10).  "Envelopes" are not considered  legal proof of residence.  "Checks" are not considered proof of legal residence.  If you use a Post Office Box, documents used MUST also reference the physical street address of the residence.  (Standard 'joke" of reality is that we don't know of anyone that lives in a Post Office Box.)

With the exception of drivers licenses, voter registration, or vehicle registrations, documents are to be no more than 6 mos. old ... 
(1) drivers license; 
(2) voters registration card, 
(3) school record - Not an envelope addressed to the family or child, but an actual school-issued document,
(4) welfare/child care record; 
(5) federal record; 
(6) state record; 
(7) local municipal record; 
(8) support payment record; 
(9) homeowner or tenant record; 
(10) utility bill - i.e. gas, electric, water/sewer, phone, mobile phone, heating, waste disposal; 
(11) financial - loan, credit, investment - record; 
(12) insurance document; 
(13) medical record; 
(14) military record; 
(15) internet, cable or satellite record; 
(16) vehicle record (i.e. DMV Registration, Insurance Bill w/address)

 Little League does not limit participation in its activities on the basis of disability, race, creed, color, national origin, gender, sexual preference or religious preference nor will any league turn a child away for lack of or limited funds.
Registration is Now Open Jan 1st to Feb 28th
East Lane Little League
5729 Main St #355
Springfield OR 97478


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