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Our leagues have hundreds of great kids preparing to enjoy a season of baseball and softball this spring. We invite you to join us in helping these kids enjoy America's pastime as a volunteer umpire.

If you're an active adult or teen with a few hours to spare this spring, consider signing up to umpire Little League in your area. You'll enjoy the game, make new friends, and have the satisfaction of knowing you're helping make these games possible.

Umpire Training:

Saturday, April 2, 9 AM 

Riviera Baptist Church, 3071 River Rd, Eugene

Contact us at: or 541-729-1554 (evenings)  

Ask about our Umpire Appreciation Incentive Program


What do umpires do? Umpires are in charge of the game on the field. While coaches are in charge of their teams, umpires make sure both teams play the game according to the rules.

Do I need to know or be related to a player to umpire? No. While parents can be great umpires, they often prefer to coach. Grandparents, aunts, uncles, older siblings, high school and college students, and active adults who love the game can and do make excellent umpires.

Do I need to have experience as an umpire? No, our leagues have a no-cost umpire training program where you'll learn everything you need to call games.

Do I need to have played softball or baseball to umpire? No. It helps to be familiar with the game, but anyone can learn the rules.

What do I need to do to umpire? It's easy. Just contact us, complete a volunteer application, and come to an Umpire Training.

Will I be harassed if I make a call someone doesn't like? NO! Our leagues have strict policies to protect our players, coaches, and umpires from harassment of any kind.

How much time will it take? All we require is that you attend an Umpire Training session, and then you can volunteer for as many or as few games as you'd like throughout the season. Our season runs from April 11 through mid-June, with games played most evenings starting at 6 and all day every Saturday. Games typically last about two hours. Our greatest need for umpires is on Saturdays, but we can use help with evening games, too.

How many games will I be expected to umpire? That is entirely up to you. We will post a game schedule and you can sign up to umpire as many or as few as you like.

Will I be paid? All of our leagues are entirely managed, staffed, coached, and umpired by unpaid volunteers; it's a Little League requirement. Our liability insurance will not cover anyone we pay.  We do have an Umpire Appreciation Incentive Program, to provide significant reward opportunities to our umpires.  We can and will provide the training, equipment, background check, and experience of helping the kids play and learn. There are other organizations that do pay skilled, experienced umpires; if that path interests you, what better place than Little League to gain that experience and demonstrate your ability?

Registration is Now Open Jan 1st to Feb 28th
East Lane Little League
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Springfield OR 97478


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